PWR Composite s.r.o. was founded in Bílovec in 2009. Its original focus was mainly on the sale of fencing, metallurgical material and layered insulators in the form of boards and beading.
Over time, the strategy changed and now PWR Composite focuses mainly on CNC machining and processing of technical plastic, layered insulators of electrical insulating and technical, composite materials and also metals . It has technology for plasma metal cutting, including cutting profiles and technologies for shape cutting of metals, wood, plastic. The company specializes in unit, small series production, however larger series are also possible.
The services provided by PWR also include the supply of technical plastic (nylon, polyurethane, polypropylene,…) and laminated insulators (textit, kartit, sklotextit,…) in the form of sheets, bars and/or precision beading.
The company has modern production/technological capacities, especially in the field of precision machining, see. List of machinery (click)
In cooperation with the university's development capacities, PWR Composite started the production of prototypes, templates, mold parts, grips for robotic workshops and other components using 3D printing technology for metals and plastic. In combination with classic own machining methods and in cooperation with companies for heat treatment of printed parts it is able to offer a comprehensive solutions based on client's requirements with high precision and in shorter terms than conventional production methods.
Due to the specificity of the processed materials, PWR Composite s.r.o. also focuses on obtaining contracts from the aerospace industry. For this reason, it has adapted its processes to the standards of quality management system pursuant to AS 9100D
PWR Composite s.r.o. it is strongly focused on the development and implementation of new digital technologies in all its processes. In the coming years, it will increase the share of automation and digitization so as to maximize productivity and eliminate the risk of human error.
Because to its size, it excels in operational solutions to satisfy the requirements of its clients and a personal approach to each business partner. It is ready to process both binding offers and non-binding price calculations for the needs of its clients. For the purpose of quick input, use the "production request" form in the individual product sections at the website.


PWR strengths:

  • Processing and production of special, difficult-to-machine materials.
  • Unit and small series production.
  • Speed of delivery.
  • Personal - individual - approach to the customer.
  • Cooperation with Technical University of Ostrava
  • Own development and research in the department of composites.
  • A fast growing company.
  • AS/EN ISO 9100 certificate

The main sectors of our supplies

  • Electrical wiring
  • Aerospace
  • Railways
  • Energy